Best Dash Cam to Buy in 2017

Best Dash Cam to Buy in 2017

Dash Cams are gaining a popularity across the world and there are some really good Dash Cams available which can help the user in a several ways. One of the ways that Dash Cam helps the most is by reducing the insurance rate. That is right, most of the insurance companies offer a discount if a dash cam is mounted on the dashboard of the car. Other benefits of having a Dash Cam is that the car can record if someone tries to steal the car and the video from the dash cam serves to be really helpful in case of an accident. In this article, we have listed some of the best dash cams available in the market.

  • Black Vue DR – 650 GW 32 GB 2 Channel Front and Rear Dash Camera

This is one of the available in the market. It has a front cam with 2.4 MP resolution and it also has a rear cam with 1MP resolution. The camera can be connected to iPhone or android device with help of the application available on the app store. The camera offers a complete protection to the user.

  • Sachael Dashcam with Night Vision and G-Sensor

Most of the cameras don’t have a night vision but this camera from Sachael comes with night vision and a G-sensor. The Night vision is extremely helpful while recording the video at night as the camera catches the infrared during the recording. The camera doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket of the user and in addition to this, the camera has received a lot of positive reviews from users across the world.

  • GT 300 1080 P 2.4 Inch Car Dashcam Video Recorder

This is one of the most affordable cameras on our list and there are several features in this camera. The recording resolution of the camera is 1080 P and the camera also has a motion detector which triggers the recording as the motion is detected. The camera is also coupled with anti-shake setup which guarantees a good video quality. This is one of the must buy a camera because of the price and the features present in the camera.

  • Papago Go Safe 260 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera

This camera from Papago is basically a replacement of the rear-view mirror and the camera has a resolution of 1080P. The camera comes with a G-Sensor and it also detects hard braking and accidents because of the G-sensor. The camera comes with several other features and the controllers are present on the mirror itself.

  • Transcend Drive Pro 220 Dash Camera

This camera is for the people who want a dash cam with a parking mode capture. The camera adjusts the settings as per the day and night conditions and the camera can also be paired with an application. The camera can stream videos over Wi-Fi and the resolution of this camera is 1080P. The camera is highly reliable in terms of features and the video quality is also good.

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