About Us

Hi, everyone we are very happy to find you here reading About TecheWire.

What we do??

“At Techewire we provide the latest information of Smartphone specs, mobile phones review, high end tech gadgets etc. We also writes on blogging, wordpress, SEO niches as well as our admin is an SEO expert he likes to share his thoughts on changing Google ranking. “

So, Techwire is really useful site for newbie bloggers and for those who wants to make a Good money online.

Shovit Rajput: He’s a tech enthusiastic guy and loves to writing on various tech problems. He is doing diploma in Mechanical Engineering, and is one of owner of Techewire. Know more about Shovit here

Know the man behind TecheWire

Our admin Pradeep Kumar – a tech enthusiastic guy from New Delhi. I have done B.Tech in CSE but loves to write blog and help others. You can follow me on social media for further communication.

You can contact me from any means mentioned above or can direct mail me through our Contct us page.