Apple iOS 11 Update will Render Millions of Apps Incompatible

Apple always remains one of the busiest tech companies across the world. And that definitely has a lot to do with the number of electronic gadgets that are expected to be launched by the tech giant based out of Cupertino in the United States of America. A number of tech enthusiasts based out of different cities in the nook and corner of the world keep on waiting for the announcements from the house of Apple regarding their upcoming devices. And that is quite understandable. This is because, over the years, Apple has managed to grab the attention of the users with the release of a number of incredible devices.

iOS 11, Apple iOS 11

Along with the incredible devices, Apple has rolled out on the market a number of updates of their operating system which has managed to grab the attention of the users of Apple devices across the world. And at this point in time, the world of technology is waiting for the launch of the latest software from Apple which will bring in a number of changes. With still a lot of time in hand, Apple iOS 11 has already hit the headlines on a number of occasions, thanks to a number of controversial news and updates regarding the upcoming update of the software.

The biggest controversy that has already managed to pop up amidst all the other ones regarding the Apple iOS 11 is the one which states that the upcoming update of the software will render a number of apps currently running on the iPhones incompatible once the developers decide to release it on the market. That is definitely not going to make the app developers as well as the users much happy. Even more than the consumers, it is going to put the developers of the app into much trouble for they will be somewhat forced to update the apps right from the basic level. Otherwise, the apps will not run on the upcoming Apple iPhone which will definitely run on an Apple iOS 11 operating system.

Also, the users will find it difficult once the Apple iOS 11 rolls out on the market. This is because the users will somewhat be forced to update the apps along with the software update. The number of apps which are in danger of running out of compatibility is huge. It is estimated that as many as two million apps will be rendered incompatible. So the users will also have to update the apps once they update the software on which the device is running.

However, amidst this controversial issue regarding the Apple iOS 11, there are few things that will definitely make the users much happier. One of the things that the Apple iOS 11 will bring in is the updated Siri. Also, the ‘Theatre Mode’ which was initially expected to come with the Apple iOS 10.3 update might eventually come with the Apple iOS 11. So coming June, there is definitely going to be a number of revelations once the US-based smartphone developer launches their latest iOS 11 software update.

Meanwhile, Apple is also working on Apple iPhone 8 for its 2k17 flagship. Reports have also predicted that there may be an iPhone 7S variant somewhere in Q3, 2017. We would like to let you know with more updates soon.