Apple Watch 3 release date and price

The world of wearable technology has never had it so good. Not only are the two giants, Samsung and Apple, on a war footing to claim the smartwatch market, they are going hammer and tongs over who shells out the most advanced technology at a reasonably cheaper price. There have been suggestions made by tech enthusiast and industry analysts that the Apple Watch 3 is going to release this year and will be a smartwatch to watch out for. Literally.

apple watch 3

apple watch 3

The Apple Watch 3 is expected to arrive by the last quarter of this year, maybe even by September 2017. The new Apple Watch 3 will be technologically sophisticated enough to actually look and feel like a real watch. In fact, the release date of the new watch has ben brought forward as the stocks have already been depleted. We have a reason why we say that the Apple Watch 3 will release in September. This time span completes exactly one year since the Apple Watch 2, which is still going strong incidentally, was released. The laws of the product cycle apply very strongly here and the release date seems to be a good bet.

There are, however, dissenting voices as well. A report by the Economic Daily News, a news outlet based in China, has stated that the Apple Watch 3 will in all probability be dished out at the end of the third quarter. The Quanta Computer company was making the watch, according to the report, and it will feature much-improved performance besides a longer battery life as well. The hardware iteration is also expected to set the release date back to sometime early in 2018.

The reports have also suggested that Apple may possibly release an Apple Watch Series 2 ‘S’ very soon, possibly sometime before the Apple Watch 3. The Apple Watch Series 2 ‘S’ variant may release in March 2017, just one month down the lie. This new S version is said to add some amount of extra storage to the currently available 2GB of storage. some experts say that the expanded memory would be of two varieties, in the forms of 4GB and 8GB. This will make the new Apple Watch 3 a lot less reliant on the Apple iPhone. Of course, this is mere speculation and we can neither confirm nor deny the facts presented here.

The pricing of the Apple Watch 3 is something to watch out for. Too pricey, and people will reject the smartwatch. Too inexpensive, and the Cupertino-based giant may end up making a loss in the deal. Expect the Apple Watch 3 to come for an estimated starting price range of $460-odd. This is the price of the Apple Watch 3 with the 38mm watch dial. The pricier version will come for an estimated $498 and will feature the 42mm dial. It must be mentioned that the existing Apple Watch 2 also comes in these price brackets as well.  Apple will look to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 1 by the time the Apple Watch 3 comes into the picture. The wait for the ultimate smartwatch has begun.