Best Drones for Gift

Generation is changing day by day. To keep up with the speed of changing, mentality of consumer is also changing rapidly. Now-a-days people go for looks of course but check the functionalities of a product also. With the changing taste, consumers are also leaning towards non traditional gifts like drone. Once upon a time we used to get airplane toys but things have changed. People wrap drones with the greetings covers and use the drones as the advanced gadgets to gifts.

Best drones for Gifts

We have sorted some drones that are most suitable for gifting. Here the best drones for sale for gifting purpose go:

Here’s our round-up of the best.

best drones

  1. Parrot AR

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 “Elite edition” is one of the most popular and beautifully crafted quadcopters in the market right now. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 “Elite edition” is on the list of best selling quadcopters also. Thanks to its awesome flight control system that allows users to do everything from changing direction to change speed with the help of your iPhone or Android smartphone right from your hand. This awesome looking drone comes with full HD camera which can stream live video but the price is little bit higher. So check your budget before going for it.

best phanthom drones

2. Phantom 1

People are leaning towards non traditional photography and if you are an ardent fan of the same then Phantom 1 is the drone that can be found most useful for you. It’s designed superbly for keeping steady while shooting film or capturing photos from distance and comes with a special mount for a GoPro camera. If you want the real footage to be super smooth and crystal clear, you need to invest in gimbals. It has on board GPS system and can fly at up to maximum 22 miles per hour. Though it’s little bit pocket holing but you’ll get the quality drone flying experience. It is one of the best drone for GoPro.

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3. X4

Hubsan’s X4 is a good entry level budget microcopter (yes! It’s tiny but provides return on investment- real fun and quality flight time experience).

Hubsan’s X4 is a marvellous tiny flying gadget that you can fly around your house and outside provided it’s not too windy because the size and design are less for stability but more for fun. But if you want to gift someone a beginner quadcopter then it’s really a drone to bet on. It’s has an option to board your camera on it but remember that should not cross maximum load capacity! It has an in built cam that can take pic at 720P which is good while we take the price of this drone in consideration.