Best Short Speech on Independence Day in Hindi and English

Freedom is a term that we use on a regular basis but do we understand its depth? Freedom is must for any individual to grow and to live his or her life happily and same is for any country. Freedom is a must for every country to flourish. If a country is under any foreign rule then it is impossible for that country to progress as the people will become slaves in their own country. One such country was India in past and gained its independence on 15 August 1947 from British rule.

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Speech on Independence Day in Hindi

Independence of India: India was under the British rule for more than 100 years and gained its Independence on 15 of August, 1947. This is the day when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became our first Prime Minister and hoisted the Indian flag above Lahori Gate of Red Fort in Delhi. This led to the tradition where since then all the Prime Minister of our country hoist Indian flag on Red Fort and a remarkable parade is seen. This day is a national holiday. The day is a glorious day of Indian past. For More information on Independence Day Speech visit our blog.

This day is important in every Indian life as it is because of this Independence that we have come so far and able to compete with the world. The sacrifice of many known and unknown heroes resulted to this day where we are able to have a choice and can follow that choice without any fear. The biggest joy is that we are free and not under the mercy of some foreigners. We are the runners of our country, we lead it, we protect it and we make it stronger each day. With freedom comes the responsibility of maintaining that freedom at every cost and that is the duty of every citizen.

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Short Speech on Independence Day

What have learnt from the struggle of Independence? India has seen it all. The glorious reign of Rajputs then conquest of Mughals over India and then came the British. India was under foreign rule for more than 200 years and Indians were slaves in their own country and finally after years of struggle and fights it got its independence on 15 August 1947. There are many lessons that our freedom fighters left for us learn. The biggest was that for nation unity is a must. When the entire country united they were able to end the foreign rule.

Other lessons like showing bravery, love for the country, facing the injustice and not remaining quiet, violence not being the only weapon, leadership that can win trust and love of entire nation and taking responsibility of your country. We cannot simply expect only soldiers and police to fight for country. Every civilian is responsible for the present and future of the country and we all should accept our roles with pride. We should never discriminate on the basis of color or language or caste as this divides the nation and makes us weak. For growth of our country all individuals are equal.

What have we accomplished in these 69 years of Independence? India became a free nation on 15 August 1947 and today is the year 2016. It has been 69 years since our country got free. What have we done so far? The freedom fighter wanted to see a united country will people making it proud each day. Yes, we have done some progress but are it enough? We still are a developing country even after so many years. Rate of corruption and crime have gone up so much that it is eating the country from within.

The youth of the country that can make a change is busy running to foreign country to make money. Who will lead the country then? Youth are the change makers that our politics need. The feeling of patriotism is very rare and majorly found in soldiers and farmers. Soldiers are still brave and always ready to face a war to protect the country and every time they make us proud. Constitution needs to be reformed and for that it is important that citizens vote for the deserving candidate. These candidates need to stay loyal to the country and not fall in the trap of greed and corruption.


India today is in dire need of change makers. The process is very slow but it has started. People are becoming aware and some changes can be seen. It is our country so we have to take responsibility for it. Join forces or IMA or Politics and work for your country. Even if you are just a civilian then also you can contribute. You can say no to bribe that is no taking and no giving. Every trace of caste system should be removed. Products made in India should be promoted. Let us make our country proud.