Cherry MX Board 6.0: The best gaming keyboard Design

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 is a result of the finest craftsmanship and design technology. This is cherry’s flagship keyboard targeted at enthusiastic gamers. It combines the latest technologies of RealKey technology and the MX switches. This is a combination of the latest tech for analog signal processing, precision and performance.

MX Board 6.0 basics

MX Board 6.0 is the exemplification of Cherry’s purist design of the highest grade. It uses an analog path to connect all buttons directly to the controller. This means, the keyboard is faster than all its ancestors are. It is being lauded as the fastest keyboard in the gaming world today. The RK technology used by MX 6.0 allows a full N-key rollover and a 100% reliable anti-ghosting. All keys are read simultaneously. This is a significant improvement that prevents signal errors.

The MX 6.0 comes with its own gold crosspoint switches. These are quite awesome. They can survive over 50 million operations. This gives the Cherry MX Board 6.0 the advantage of highest precision and performance during an intense gaming session. Each switch is also connected to a LED. This gives the gaming keyboard an even backlight with perfect personalization options. The new version also uses RED switches that offers minimal resistance and no tactile feedback.

Purist design with power packed performance

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 is one of the simplest designs you will see in the Cherry portfolio. This one is a basic design that is perfect for pro gamers. It includes a rubberized palm rest and a mounting magnet system for easy handling. It has a configurable Windows key, 12 function keys and a bi-color status key. The status key assumes a blue color when it is activated. The 454 x 147 x 24.8 mm keyboard is made of high-grade tensile aluminum. It has a grease repellent coating that will make long hours of gameplay more comfortable. This also includes a 2-meter USB cable with a textile-braided design.

Fastest Cherry until date

This is a responsive design with a high-end price. Nonetheless, the Cherry MX Board 6.0 is Cherry’s finest produce until date. It is designed to make long-term use comfortable. And it is also designed to withstand the tensions of pro gaming. This keyboard can transmit signals to the PC in less than a millisecond. Usual keyboards can take up to 20 milliseconds since their signal conversion takes more time. The use of a single analogue signal path enables the MX Board 6.0 to transfer signals to the CPU in less than a millisecond time.

Cherry on the cake

The cover of the keyboard is an eye catcher as well. It is plain to look at with a broad “cherry” logo in bold red. The inside of the cover has all the features listed. The keyboard is a very regular looking deal with a full black body and a metal chassis. This full-sized number is a typical 104-key keyboard that is considerably heavier than its contemporaries are. This makes the Cherry MX Board 6.0 much easier to operate during heavy gaming sessions.