How to Connect with Your Employees on Deeper Levels

There is a common misconception that bosses and employees simply cannot get along because of their ranks in the work world. However, all are human, and interaction and connection are important. Therefore, the following article will help you connect on deeper levels with your employees.

Be Available for Anything Anytime

When an employee is having a bad day, a boss should be the compassionate one they come to for guidance. But, to do that, you have to be available at any time for any type of talk. Invest in a work phone number, pass it around to your employees, and be prepared to connect with them if they ever need a helping hand.

Listen Carefully, Respond Honestly

When your employees are at a crossroads with either their work or their life in general, be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. These are people you work with every single day. So, in essence, they are like family. When they ask a sincere question, respond with honesty. And always listen, intently and attentively, to what they have to say.

Let Your Humanity Shine

Too often, employees feel that their bosses are alien to them. They don’t feel a connection. And if they do, it’s rarely a positive one. Be the difference by allowing your humanity to shine through the façade of your professionalism. Express your feelings, be vulnerable sometimes, and always take a compassionate interest in your employees. They want to know you care in the same ways that they do.

Set an Example

Sometimes you have to take off your spectra personal headphone set to observe the world around you for a moment. Encourage your workers to do the same. Set an example of both professionalism and personal interests. Let your employees know that they can take a breather when they need to, and they are appreciated through everything they do.

Offer Compliments, Praise, & Critiques Where Deserved

Don’t hesitate to tell your employees when they are doing a fantastic job. But be wise in your choice of words if you ever need to dish out critiques. Be kind, but firm and suggestive. Encourage and inspire, rather than berate and insult. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as the southern saying goes.

There is more to life than business. Even if you are a boss, you are still human. And you are never, ever above anyone else, regardless of who works “under you” in business ranks. Be that compassionate boss that everyone wants you to be, and watch your business improve because people actually like you.