About Flipkart Customer Care Number

Flipkart is an E-commerce website created by two employees of Amazon shopping website, which makes this story even more interesting because Flipkart currently standing on top against Amazon. The company Amazon has been around in this market for a while and the success of the Flipkart also goes to Amazon because Amazon fueled people to go for Flipkart that includes me as well.flipkart

Flipkart started in 2007 by providing books on the website but later got success so that they can move on to the next. Then they have introduced the other products to their store they electronic, mobiles, laptops, desktops, spares, fashion, footwear, kitchen, decorative and many other things.

Flipkart has solved millions of products in a month setting a record in the Indian online E-commerce market. I would give Flipkart on their service 5/5 but in the recent the company has expanded to a level where they lost sight of what products they should be selling on the sites.

In the lost direction, the company quality has decreased over time where you can find which has very less but it has good specs and we thrive to buy that product because it is available at a good price. We end up getting a duplicate product which mimics the original one.

Flipkart Customer Care Number:

Flipkart has very responsive customer care, I have to admit that because when you call them regarding any issue or any query, they answer your questions and doubts in a matter of minutes with a proper solution.

If you are expecting a replacement, they make things easy for you by giving your proper instructions on how many days does it take and what things you have to do. This makes things easy for you to proceed to further step.

However, many complain and whine about how customer care didn’t listen to their complaints, how much they have taken to measures. The customer care has their own parameters so they have to with the procedure so you have to follow their guidance to get the best out of them

There are the couple of things you need to prepare before approaching customer care because you like being prepared for anything that they have to throw at you, right? Then let me help you prepare for it.

  • First, raise a concern over email.
  • Now get the documents or receipt you get inside of the package (The receipt at as bill, you can use that to get the replacement if possible).
  • Prepare a list of the problem you have with the product (Make sure that you point out as many as problems, Example: I have purchased a laptop, which has issues with wi-fi, Bluetooth, slower performance, weak battery life and heating issues. These problems are enough to get a replacement.)
  • Now save the ticket no they issued in your email or your mobile number.

Flipkart Customer Care Number:

This is the Toll-free number of cccontactinfo Flipkart customer care – 1800 208 9898.

  • 1800 208 9898.
  • Availability 24 hours.
  • 24/7 customer care.

Wrap up:

This is the number of Flipkart customer care. make sure to call them and clear your doubts regarding your issues.