Gearbox Ready to Take on Risks For Borderlands 3

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has always been very interactive with fans but tight-lipped on anything surrounding the next installment of Borderlands 3. Perhaps in fear of giving away too much, Pitchford often answers only to vague questions that really reveal anything significant. In a recent interview, he was asked one such question on whether the studio is ready to take risks with the upcoming installment to which, Pitchford had replied, “I hope so.”

borderland 3

borderland 3

Borderlands 3 release date is going to be a big one in the series, so it isn’t surprising that the studio is ready to take risks and expand a few things in the title. Although don’t know what new elements the game will have, but there is a fair amount of speculations that the title will be the first true open-world settings. These expenses the scope for explorations of the universe by increasing the playability, by many folds.

Pitchford had also made it clear that whenever the game rolls out, it won’t come out in Nintendo Switch. The Switch being one of the most anticipated consoles of 2017, this might be a big drawback for several Borderlands fan’s who have been planning to get their hands on the console. It began on Twitter, where Pitchford interacts with fans on a daily basis. When asked if the game can be expected to come to Switch, Pitchford answered in a negative. Later when a news publication got hold of Pitchford, he revealed that Gearbox had been thinking about Borderlands 3 for Nintendo Switch, but then the subject was dropped because of other priorities.

Later, however, Pitchford made clear that is the platform was to receive a considerable amount of popularity then perhaps something could be done. Also, Check out:

At the moment there aren’t any official revelations, but as fans continue to wait for the title, they can’t help but come up with ideas or wishlists. Some of them are pretty legit and have fair chances to actually featuring in Borderlands 3. Although the game is going to be a direct sequel of the Borderlands 2, we don’t know how many years the developers will skip before settling for a year. It’s expected Borderlands 3 will be set several years after the last installment, meaning the old villains will be dead, with promises for new villains emerging from their ashes.

One of the most exciting prospects for Borderlands 3 is the new and advanced weapons. With new enemies, there’s bound be new weapons and other destructive technology that’ll give the series a refreshing feel. And of course one can always hope for new exciting characters. The one thing we know for sure is that Borderlands 3 will introduce Scooter the mechanic’s son, aptly named Scooper, as revealed by creative director Mike Neumann during PAX East 2016. Although this hasn’t been confirmed by the studio, therefore, should be taking with a pinch of salt.

Borderlands 3 is rumored to be in its initial phase of development and could be years away. Like its predecessors, the game is expected to be released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nvidia Shield, and OS X. Our only hope is that more news on Borderlands 3 should be made available soon.