Google Pixel 2 Rumours and Leaks

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 After the great success or favorable outcome of Pixel and Pixel xl, Google is all set to launch its new phone Pixel 2. Till now when anyone wants to buy a good phone and not a project, they go for iPhone. But Google Pixel changes that. It offers the look with a truly great camera and loads of innovative software.

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Google Pixel 2 Rumours and Leaks

According to experts, the new phone of Google is going to be bigger, better and slimmer. It is expected that the new phone can hold the title of ”Best Smartphone of 2017”. Although Pixel and Pixel XL is an outstanding device and the users are highly enthralled, but some departments need to be improving. Google is playing their cards smartly and soon they are going to stand out of the crowd with their new launched phone with the features like Iris Eye Scanner as well as Water Resistance.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Google Pixel 2 will have a better battery performance along with the camera of 16 megapixel and primary camera of 8 megapixels. And it is possible that Pixel 2 can offer better image quality without adopting dual lens. The device will come up with the internal memory of 32 GB that can be expandable to 256 GB.

It seems that Google can win the race before launching Pixel 2 Smartphone as they requested common people to give their suggestions regarding what feature do they want in the new Pixel 2. As there is no assurance that everyone’s demand will be listened or not but there is no loss in leaving suggestions. Also this year we are going to see some spectacular mobile phones counting from iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 to Xiaomi Mi6. So, 2017 is going to really amazing for phablet lovers.