iPhone 7 Rumors in the Air

The iPhone 6s has just been released few weeks ago, the product hasn’t even reached in every corner of the world. While the iPhone 6s is still on its transit towards different corners of the earth, some people got bored too early and they are now looking forward to the next iPhone that is supposed to be released September 2016; exactly one year from now. So what would the iPhone 7 be packing likely? A whole lot of changes and developments for sure, because Apple releases a new product every two years. 2016 is the year when a brand new iPhone is going to take over the market, hopefully.

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iPhone 7 Release Date

As the iPhone release events go, the next iPhone should come out on September of 2016. The Apple September on 2015 had taken place on 9th September, 2015 – that’s exactly the same date as 2014. The date might change on 2016 Apple event but we don’t really expect the whole schedule getting drifted off to a different part of the year. That being said, we would settle for a release date on 2nd week of September 2016. iPad air 3 will also release in 2016.

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iPhones aren’t cheap, they had never been cheap! However, once the new iPhone 7 comes out the current price tags of iPhone 6s would be shifted to the iPhone 7 and by then, the iPhone 6s would go into sale for a much discounted value. The predecessor iPhone 6 would most likely be sold for free on contract when the iPhone 7 releases.

On contract handsets may start from $399 for the base iPhone 7 model; and if there’s an iPhone 7 Plus then the base price should be $499 – just like the current iPhone 6s pricing policy.

iPhone 7


Metal will be there and maybe even premium grade of glass as well – that’s how Apple makes their design look and feel premium in the users’ hands. However, there will be subtle changes to the smartphone design than it is now. Currently, we don’t really have any update about how the upcoming smartphone might look like. The iPhone 6s has only been released, even the company might not have come up with a final design yet.

However, we really believe that the designing policy won’t stay confined within introducing a new color scheme like they did with the Rose Gold iPhone 6s and 6s Plus this September event. Being an ‘S’ device release event, it didn’t matter much. But anything like this on the iPhone 7 release event will just not be appropriate at all.

The new headphone port design is really creating a hype in the internet, though. Apple has patented a new D jack for headphones, and it’s already increased the rage among the iPhone fans as they would have to purchase adapters for the already existing facny headphones.

And on another note, Apple might be thinking about putting an IP rating for dust and water resistance into their iPhones. Let’s see whether this plan sees light!


The iPhone 7’s release is still a long way to go. As more time passes, the story will develop into maturity and we shall have a lot more to update you with.

Till then you can share your thoughts on iPhone concept here by commenting below. Also check out iPhone 8 Concepts and specs here.