NBA 2K18 Has A Couple of Changes in Its Plate

Developed by 2K Sports, NBA 2K are among the most popular video game based on sports. The game has got fans all over the planet, and it’s easy to comprehend the full craze of the game if you simply Google search the title. The makers have always tried to make the game better and better. We have been keeping track of the news and speculations surrounding the NBA 2K18 and have found out that the game this year will be welcoming a number of changes. Fans can’t wait for the video games to roll out so that they can get their hands on it as soon as possible.

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18

Looking back into the history of the game, the first NBA 2K game was launched around the end of 1999. Back then it was developed and published by Sega and managed to become one of the best games of the year. Since then NBA 2K has moved on into the hands of 2K, becoming more advanced as the years pass by.

One of the first things that one would expect from the NBA 2K18 is an upgraded graphic. In this particular installment, the players are going to seem more life-like. 2K could be fixing some glitches like, during replays, one can find a hand going across someone’s face and such things. Although the game is pretty excellent as it is but making it more life-like would give it a whole new dimension. This is one change we are extremely excited about.

The next installment would have quite a number of things to look forward to. Hopefully, they’ll be following the trend of incorporating the latest edition of the game and would be doing justice to it this time around. One of the primary things the NBA 2K18 is rumored to be bringing in is the ability to customize players. For long this has been one of the most desirable features of NBA fans. We’d like to make changes in the hair style or hair color. There is this “Create a Player” option but it doesn’t allow you to do a whole lot of things like one can’t have a tattoo on the player’s skin. One can’t do some of the most basic things that one would like to do. But hopefully all that would change in the NBA 2K18.

One more feature we are excited about that could make an appearance in the game the customization of shoes and the shareable factor. What it’ll do is give a game a more realistic dimension and make it incredibly engaging. And by getting more liberty to customize the game, the player will also feel more engaged and will feel that they are in power to play in a way they want. These will be some of the few basic things that’ll give the game a realistic dimension.

According to the latest news, NBA 2K18 will be coming to the all new Nintendo Switch due to come out later this year. The game will be releasing in September 2017 across all platforms – PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.