Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio Not to support Mass Effect 4

With the onset of the year 2017, we have been receiving news and updates regarding the new upcoming games as well as gaming consoles that are expected to be released in course of the year or even later. And among the games which have managed to grab the limelight we have the Mass Effect Andromeda. The recent news regarding this action role-playing game that has come up reveals the fact that the developers of the game Mass Effect Andromeda is not taking into consideration the prospect of releasing the game for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio.



Mass Effect 4, popularly known as the Mass Effect Andromeda, is scheduled for an initial release on March 21 this year. And it is believed that the game is going to be made available to the users a few months later. The game will come out on the market with versions compatible with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. But things are not looking bright enough for the gamers who are planning to get hold of the Nintendo Switch which is scheduled to be unveiled by Nintendo in the month of March this year as reports have come in that the upcoming open environment game from Bioware is not going to be made available on the Nintendo Switch.

The same goes for the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio. Although we do not know much about the release date of this powerful gaming console from Microsoft, whenever the gaming console is put out on sale, the gamers won’t be able to play the game Mass effect 4. At least that is how it stands for the time being. In a recent interview, Michael Gamble, the producer of Bioware, has revealed that they do not have any plan to release the game in either platform. There are chances that they might think of releasing the game in the concerned gaming consoles later one, but for the time being that seems to be a distant future.

However, he has also said that there are chances that Bioware would come up with versions of Mass Effect Andromeda in the Nintendo Switch sometime later. For that we have to keep on waiting for a bit, at least till the launch of the Nintendo Switch. And after that if the situation arises that there has been a lot of yammering for Mass Effect, then they might take into consideration the idea of releasing the game for the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio as well as the Nintendo switch.

For the time being, the Mass Effect 4 is scheduled to be initially released on March 21 as has been stated above in this article. And the gamers who are the proud possessor of the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One would be able to play the game. Also the PC gamers having Microsoft Windows as their operating system will not be deprived of the latest version of the game in the Mass Effect franchise. For others, it is advisable to keep patience for Bioware might just be lured to release the game on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio once it gains popularity among gamers across the world.