Pipo C2 Smartwatch Specs, Features and Price

Pipo C2 Smartwatch: China is keep manufacturing wearable devices every next day. Result of this we have many new smartphones and smart watches available in out tech market. From these manufacturing companies, Pipo is one of the best and most popular brands known in china. And now Pipo is has brought a new Smartwatch as named C2. Well Pipo C2 Smartwatch is most advanced watch produced by such company with very affordable price. Price of $35 is not that much for normal Smartwatch seekers. The operation and functions complemented in Pipo C2 Smartwatch is magnificent.

Pipo C2 Smartwatch

Pipo C2 Smartwatch Design Concepts

The most loving color of such Smartwatch is White. The ability to get separated with strap is very useful to carry this watch individually. Well the look of Pipo C2 is quite similar to general watch available in our market but it more features pack then other normal watches. If we talk about the buttons available in C2, so it has volume, functional keys and the Micro USB charging port, also it has embedded MIC which may use to call the other people it need. Well it does not have SIM card slot but Bluetooth connection can be easily created with other smartphones.

Pipo C2 Smartwatch

Some basic features in Pipo C2 Smartwatch

Pipo has some general features available in other watched too. Its include pedometer, Display the Time and Date perfectly. Its does not support Android applications but it has some pre filled application which is very usable for our need. The pointing spec available in Pipo C2 Smartwatch is its price. Just spend $35 only and you can get great looking and features loaded Smartwatch. So Pipo C2 Smartwatch is new smartphone running successfully in our tech market.