Planning and Delivering the Three Stages of Production

It’s important to plan out the three stages of production: pre-production, production, and post production, to ensure delivery of your highest quality work. A well thought out plan saves you time, energy, and money throughout the lengthy process. Over time, you cultivate an impressive, creative portfolio that demonstrates your talents. Beginning with a well thought out plan sets you on the path to building a highly coveted business.

stages of production


The first stage is arguably the most important. This is where your idea takes form. A script or storyboard must be created before the camera rolls. This defines your ideas and outlines what your finished product looks like. From here you determine what needs to be shot, with what equipment, and in what locations. Preparations in this stage ideally are done through programs with sharing capabilities. This gives you the flexibility to instantly provide any partners you are working with access to your plans. You may even choose to share pieces of this phase with your client to ensure your vision is in line with theirs.


This is where all the magic happens. With the pre-production plans you have in place, it’s time to work on shooting and recording what’s required for the finished product. It’s always best to shoot more than you need in case you want to make minor adjustments during editing. This is a highly creative time and it’s easy to overindulge. Stick with your plan and you can avoid unnecessary additions to your production time ultimately saving you money. While B-roll may enhance the final product, if the plan doesn’t call for a coffee shop shoot, don’t include it.

Post production

Now is time for the fun part when you bring everything together. Once production ends it’s time for editing, adding sound and special effects, merging shots, and creating the finished product. Once again, this may lead to indulging your creative side. While there is plenty of room for creativity, don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked. Keep your desired finished product in mind as you put on the finished touches. Your client is typically more concerned about the deadline than they are on the different ways you can creatively enhance the product.

There are many tools required throughout this process, the format through which your product is delivered, editing programs, post production storage and more. Use the highest quality tools that you can afford. The higher quality your tools, the higher quality your product is. With a solid pre-production plan in place, high quality tools, and the creativity you possess, you can grow your company to new heights.