Samsung Galaxy S8 Review and hands on

Samsung Galaxy S8: flagship front-filling screen

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an Android smartphone with front filling sharp images, high-quality camera, and a sleek design. This smartphone lifts the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to an even higher level, including the so-called ‘Infinity Display. That pretty much takes up the whole front in, making Samsung a large screen in a surprisingly compact body can cram. If you prefer a bigger screen, you can also Galaxy S8 Plus choose.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 at a glance

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a real flagship and is also equipped with exceptional hardware. The device can actually all, thanks to a chipset developed by Samsung and software that takes full advantage of it. The main features of the smartphone can be found below.

  • Large 5.8-inch screen with AMOLED technology
  • Razor-sharp resolution of 2960 by 1440 pixels makes the Galaxy S8 for Fri
  • 9 powerful Exynos Samsung 8895 chip ensures excellent performance
  • Improved camera: dual-pixel camera on the back, sharper selfie camera front
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is April 28, 2017
  • Enhanced security: built-in iris scanning, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanner

More on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung spent the last year’s more and more variants of its flagship. In addition to an ordinary flat variant, we also got a model with a curved screen. We saw next to the Galaxy S7 last year a Galaxy S7 Edge, which passes through the screen edges. This year, Samsung makes it easy: the screen is curved at each variant and runs through the edge.

The screen is also really is the attention grabber of the Galaxy S8. It fills almost the entire front and flows into the side. Only the top and bottom can be found a small black bar. The screen of the Galaxy S8 is, therefore, one of the largest screens on an Android smartphone, while the device itself is slightly larger than the Galaxy S7. Prima be operated with one hand.

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This screen is also equipped with sharp images. Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a resolution of 2960 by 1440 pixels, also known as a QHD resolution. A 5.8-inch screen means that a pixel density of 568 pixels per inch. That’s a lot sharper than Samsung’s biggest competitor, the iPhone 7 .

That screen is also in the length longer than what you usually see on a smartphone. The aspect ratio thereof is, therefore, not 16 at 19, but at 18.5 9. This is because Samsung has replaced the physical buttons on the screen by the menu buttons on the screen.

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Focus on safety

The home button has long been a familiar phenomenon in the Galaxy S series by Samsung. For Samsung Galaxy S8 deleted this button in order to leave more space for the screen. The fingerprint scanner remains an important feature of the Galaxy S8, but is now moved to the back, next to the camera. So there is more room for the screen remains without having to return the fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy Note 7 introduced him and the Galaxy S8 ‘m getting on board: the iris scanner. This scanner can read your iris using infrared light and so determine if you are the one trying to lock the device. Your data is not only protected by a fingerprint scanner, but also with your eyes.

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Improved audio

The acquisition of the audio company Harmon Samsung is the audio of the Galaxy S8 much better than its predecessors. Thus, the supplied headphones are made by AKG, a renowned subsidiary of Harmon.

The Galaxy S8 speakers made by that company, making it a great improvement sound of that device is compared to the previous Galaxy S smartphones. The device supports 32-bit audio, which should sound deeper and richer.

Galaxy S8

Smart assistant Bixby

The Galaxy S8 gets true artificial intelligence board, which is a lot smarter than what we have seen so far from Google and Siri Assistant. Bixby as not only listens to your question or request, but the assistant also takes the context of your question into consideration. Thus, you can keep a conversation going with Bixby naturally.

With Bixby can control various actions on your smartphone with your voice. So you can ask someone to call the device and search your messages or just information for you to browse. Besides giving commands with your voice, you can also press the physical button that Bixby is on the side of the unit. The assistant is also be controlled via the touch screen, for those occasions where you are not able to speak aloud.

Bixby is only limited initially to Samsung apps, but in the future also be used in applications from other developers. Later this year, Samsung brings an SDK from that app developer Bixby can incorporate into their own apps. Whether that means that Bixby is brought to other smartphones is still unknown. In the future, virtually all Samsung smartphones and other smart devices, the company offers voice-controlled assistant.

Conclusion Samsung Galaxy S8 preview

Were it not for the screen, then we called the Galaxy S8 only minimal improvement over its predecessor. Not that it really is: the camera, processor, battery and other components were last year of a class and have it still. That alone, Samsung had its place at the top can secure for another year.

But that screen makes the difference, and it’s a very big difference. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a breathtaking display, wrapped in a beautiful design which makes obsolete almost all other smartphones eyes. Samsung has managed the advantages of a large screen to make available to everyone, without the burden of an ungainly device.

Galaxy S8 release date and Price

The Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus are available from April 28 in the Netherlands. The Galaxy S8 will cost a price tag of 799 euros, while the Galaxy S8 plus 899 euros. Shortly after the announcement on March 29 pre-orders start immediately, so you’re assured that you have the unit first got. Early deliverers also his first home: Samsung Galaxy S8 delivers pre-order from April 20 all out!

Both smartphones come in three different colors on the market. You can reach both the Galaxy and the Galaxy S8 S8 Plus choose from black (Midnight Black), silver (Arctic Silver) and gray (Gray Orchid). Or later recover more colors, is still unclear.

Galaxy S8: Pros

  • Filling front, bright screen
  • Unprecedented powerful hardware
  • 12-megapixel camera takes excellent photos

Galaxy S8: Negatives

  • quite pricey
  • Bixby adds

The S8 and S8+ are now available for pre-orders at T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T in the USA and will be available from April End for global sales. You can leave your comment below and do like and share us if you find us informative.