Symptoms and Prevention Methods for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electronic gadgets produce electromagnetic energy that affects some people in specific ways. Although there are many symptoms, a single event usually triggers all of the reactions.

The Symptoms

When most people use devices that generate strong electromagnetic waves, they feel a burning sensation in the area where the energy is the most intense. Typically, the tingling feeling is like a sunburn that isn’t too large. Physical reactions also occur, such as a minor blemishes or a rashes. In extreme cases, other symptoms could happen, such as:

Jaw and teeth pain
Achy joints

Most of the health conditions aren’t caused by the electromagnetic waves. Stress can trigger some of the harshest symptoms.

Prevention Methods

According to experts, there are several ways to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation. You can protect yourself by focusing on exposure time and distance. If you’re not on a budget, you could also propel the energy by using a radiation shield.

Radiation doesn’t affect people in an environment immediately. The energy trickles throughout the air, so your cells will react to the waves slowly. You can take advantage of the effect by turning off all of your electronic devices when they’re no longer needed. Also, you should take breaks whenever you’re handling an electromagnetic gadget.

By putting an electromagnetic device away from you, the waves won’t affect you dramatically. Distance is the key; if the gadget is too close, you’ll feel intense energy until the device is turned off.

Blocking the electromagnetic waves is a great strategy if you usually operate electronic equipment in a confined environment. To divert and deflect the radiation, you’ll need to buy a commercial-grade shield. If you position a shield strategically near an electronic device, you won’t experience any symptoms because the special material will absorb the radiation.

Electronic gadgets generate electromagnetic radiation slowly over time, but you can protect yourself by taking action whenever common symptoms are noticed. Besides general devices, electronic products that are equipped with RF technology also produce electromagnetic energy. However, thanks to technological advancements, products with highly efficient safety components are now available. Customers have no problems using these gadgets in industrial environments because many companies provide training courses. For example, RSI Corp courses are effective since the company specializes in RSI safety.