Top 5 Ways to Exercise Properly with Spin Bikes

Working on spin bikes has a lot of advantages. It can be said that it provides more advantages at lesser risks than working on any other fitness machine. Especially, the people who are looking forward to lose some weight, they can work on spin bikes. Rather, spinning should be on top of their priority list. Spin bikes are capable of toning your muscles, increasing your cardio endurance and building your mental strength.

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But the advantage for which spinning is most popular is that it burns a lot of calories. But just like working on any other machine, you need to take care about many things. You should know all the tricks, tips and ways before you start working on a spin bike. Having a knowledge of these will enhance your productivity while exercising on the spin bike and will give you the best results. Let us now take a look at some of the ways to exercise with Spin Bikes.

Adjust your seat to avoid problems and ensure best results

Before starting working on a spin bike, you should take out some time and learn to set the spin bike. Firstly you should get to know how to adjust the seat. Not adjusting to seat is one of the common mistakes and it can put you in trouble. Spinning with a wrong seat position can invite many problems for you and can cause injuries. Sitting low can cause great soreness in your hips and knees. Hence you should make sure that you adjust the bike to the right setting according your height. You can analyze the right height by standing next to the bike and then positioning the seat along with the height of your hipbone. You can also note down the number just to ensure that you remember it and adjust the bike rightly the next time you start working on the spinner bike.

Have the Handle bars at the right height

Another thing which you must ensure before starting a spinning workout is to have the handlebar at the right height. If the handlebars of your bike are at a high position, then you will have to need a lot of abdominal strength in order to ride the bike. Abdominal strength will also be required to maintain proper form. All this can put a lot of un-required pressure on your groin. It can also cause strain on your lower back. This is a very wrong way. Therefore you should make sure that you always keep the handlebars at an optimum height. Doing this will never make it difficult to maintain your position throughout the workout.

Always have good resistance

The best way to work on a spin bike is by having a good resistance. If you keep a low resistance while spinning, then there are chances that your hips will bounce or your pedal stroke will get loose. Even sometimes your shoe may also come out of the clip. But in order to make the best of your workout and to burn the calories, it is best to have a high resistance. You need to power your way through high resistance so as to get proper output from the machine. You should also note down the fact that having low resistance can make your cadence fast. This is a very wrong way as it puts you at a risk of damaged joints. Therefore you should ensure good resistance which is a top way to work on a spin bike.

Work at a fixed speed

You should work on a spin bike at a consistent speed to get the best results. Also you should continue the workout for a fixed time and should never give up before completing the work out. Working consistently at this same speed is the best way to burn calories and tone your muscles.

Maintain good position and ensure your knee does not contact the emergency brake

The best way to work on a spin bike is by maintaining a good and stable position. This will ensure that you can use the apparatus conveniently, and your knees will not come in contact with the emergency brakes. If you are far forward, then definitely your knees can bang the emergency brakes. This can cause injuries. This is a wrong way to work on a spin bike as you cannot have optimum output. Therefore you need to push your hips back and maintain the right posture always.

Final Say

Therefore to conclude, we can say that the above mentioned ways are very important and you should always keep them in mind before starting a spinning workout. By following these, you will get the best results for your body while the opposite may happen if you disregard them. So be careful and follow the right ways.