Total lunar Eclipse 2016 timings on 16 September in Delhi

As you know our huge event come in a row for Lunar Eclipse 2016 live where the total lunar eclipse timings are releasing here with full information so guys be there for our news regarding lunar eclipse. Start from the information where you need to know about Lunar Eclipse which means when the earth moves in the middle of Sun and Moon and all this process happens at night. In the deep information, where we find all the information regarding this huge event which will be held on 16-17 September as per the different timings and countries time zones. There are several cultures haves myths related to lunar eclipse where as being a good or bad omen. So guys below we are discussing all things related total lunar eclipses.

Well as we going to the timings of Total Lunar Eclipse in Delhi on 16 September to 17 September or we also called Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which begins at 16 September Friday, at 22:24 Pm and it ends on Saturday, 17 September 2016 at 02:23 Pm so guys the whole calculated duration is of 3 hours,, 59 minutes. The whole process is generally called with Earth’s main shadow which does not cover the Moon. If the earth’s shadow misses the moon during a total penumbral lunar eclipse then there are no any other locations on Earth where the moon appears partially or totally eclipsed during this event. This shows only on total lunar eclipse video with high definition.

Let’s discuss about the local times for eclipse where the Penumbral Eclipse begins on 16 September at 22: 24 Pm with the direction of 137 degrees and the given altitude of 48.0 degrees and after that the light shadow on moon face touches where the earth’s penumbra will start touching the moon’s face at this point of time so lunar eclipse today timings with 00.24 Pm on 17 September and this time the Maximum Eclipse shows the direction of 183 Degree on the middle position it shows the altitude of 57.6 Degrees so the moon is closest to the center of the shadow after that you can check eclipse today live streaming with given links.

lunar eclipse

At the end, Penumbral Eclipse ends on 17 September at 02:23 Pm with the given direction of 228 degrees and the given altitude of 46.2 degrees so the Earth’s penumbra ends so the whole process is continue for 3 hours and 59 minutes. Now you have to check the different time zones as per the different country time zones. Well the best timings of this event given here. Now here we are discussing the whole process with total steps so you need to know the whole process so the process begins from partial eclipse and the Earth umbra finally touches Moon’s outer limb, now the next phrase it begins of total eclipse and the moon’s surface is entirely within Earth’s umbra. So here comes the greatest eclipse here the peak stage of total lunar eclipse so the moon is at its closest to the center Earth’s umbra.

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