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WWE Hell In A Cell Match Result 2016 It will be following a gap of seven long years, that we will be considering three matches taking place within the Hell in a Cell arrangement. Also, all three of them are title matches counting the first-ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match for the Raw Women’s title. Charlotte will be receiving her rematch for the title against Sasha Banks inside the cage. The Women’s rebelltoion is in full force from last year and WWE Hell In A Cell Match Result 2016 was planning the Women’s bout inside the demonic structure for a long time, at the present. After presenting a memorable match in the main event of Monday Night Raw, both these ladies are the true contenders for these match which will take the revolution to a whole new level. by means of this in mind WWE Raw general manager, Mick Foley long-established the match at this week’s show.

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Hell In A Cell Match Result 2016 On the additional hand, Seth Rollins will claim his another game for the WWE Universal title inside the hell in a Cell arrangement. Primarily this bout was supposed to be a triple danger match including Chris Jericho. But, Rollins kept the match singles contest by defeat Jericho during last week’s Raw main event. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling spectator newsletter noted that after Jericho was wiped out of the title depiction plan, the title match was not supposed to take place inside the steel structure. Hell In A Cell Match Result 2016 The requirement of the match taking place inside the hell in a cell structure was made just days prior to this week’s Raw. Jericho would have benefitted Owens inside the structure and hence he was taken out. The only planned Hell in a Cell match was between Roman Reigns and Rusev, where we are supposed to see the culmination of their rivalry that was ongoing all the way through the summer. The Big Dog is supposed to retain his United States title subsequent to a physical match.

WWE HIAC 2016 Results

WWE HIAC 2016 results The only method for the WWE Women’s division to obtain true equality is for the in-ring booking to be free of prehistoric and sophomoric military exercises and strikes.

Better in-ring booking be supposed to also bring stricter match evaluations from guys like me, and the whole WWE Universe.

That new rule of thumb be supposed to be applied for Raw’s upcoming Hell In A Cell pay-per-view where Sasha Banks will defend her WWE Women’s Championship next to Charlotte.

Hell in a cell results Let’s be honest, we’ve see such sub-par in-ring work from female WWE Superstars over the years, that we can from time to time overreact to average or somewhat above-average matches from today’s stars.

Don’t get me wrong. Charlotte is previously one of the greatest female Superstars we’ve ever seen. She’s the entirety package as a performer. She doesn’t need her looks–which aren’t too shabby–to take hold of your attention.She and Banks have by now worked some excellent matches on Raw, at pay-per-views throughout their time in NXT and with the main show. What’s observance them from deliver a stellar HIAC 2016 results competition?